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3mm stroke Tattoo Machine Double head Tattoo permanent makeup CTGE004

Color: rose glod

a. Ergonomic shape that’s gentle on the wrist
b. More freedom of movement. The pen shape makes it easier to reach difficult spots
c. Continuously adjustable needle protrusion (0 - 3.5 mm)
d. Quiet, with minimal vibration
e. Easy to cover, for hygienic work


Speed: max.10000 RPM
Input: max. 12v
Stroke: 3MM
Motor: powerful coreless motor
Body: Aluminum
HP length: 120mm
HP Dia. : 22mm
HP Weight: 77g
Needle:  BMX screw Cartridge Needles & Universal tattoo cartridge needles

Handpiece color: Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Rose Gold


pmu pen *1 (one pen with 2 grips, tattoo grip & pmu grip)
cartridge needles *1 pc universal tattoo needle & 1pc BMX Screw needle
cord wire *1
gift package box *1

Matched needles

BMX screw Cartridge Needles & Universal tattoo cartridge needles

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