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Biomaser X1 Permanent makeup machine kit Set includes 2 Needles 2 Pens and Power Supply

Pen-1: 9871 BLK
Pen-2: 9871SIL
Needles(Another box needle is 1R-0.30): 1 BOX: 1R-0.18
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  • If you have high requirements for the smoothness and accuracy of the permanent makeup machine panel, Biomaser X1 permanent makeup machines are a good choice.

Biomaser X1

  • The permanent makeup machine adopt intelligent digital design which is easy to operation. Safe and reliable.
  •  Adjustable 4 modes meet various needs of makeup artists: eyebrows, lip, eyeliner and skin management
  •  The millisecond grade touch panel brings a smooth and no-delay response experience.
  •  The whole body of the permanent makeup machines are made by aluminum CNC materials.
  •  Output speed is adjustable from 50-280 NPS.
  •  The operating time and total using time of the permanent makeup tattoo machine are displayed all the time

Biomaser Cartridge Needles

  • Brow:1R to create the front pixelation and along the edges+3RS/5RS to add shading to the body of the brow.
  • Eyeliner: 1R for the edges and the wing +3RL/5RS/7F to fill the lash line.
  • Lips: 1R to create the outline+3RS/5RS /11U to fill the inside.
  • Areola: 1R and 3RL to create the details such as wrinkles and Montgomery Glands+3RS/5RS for the inside and soft edges.
  • Hairstroke: 1R to create fine hair strokes +5RS to add shading behind the hair strokes.


  • 2pc Permanent makeup handpiece
  • X1 power device
  • 1 connect cord
  • 2 boxes of cartridge needles(1 box needle is 1R-0.30)
  • 1 worldwide power cord
  • 1 adapter
  • 1 aluminum kit case

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