Artist Sponsorship Program

Now we hope you join our sponsorship program. We are sponsoring some artist who are useing our products and have some followers on FB & INS.
if you accept our sponsor you will request to take some nice picture Share with us and post on social media.
here is the detail list that we sponsor and what you need to do for us. of couse if you have anyother inquire. we can talk the detail.

Applications for Membership


Priority trial rights

Artists will have priority to try out our latest products and gain exclusive experience opportunities

Consumables provided

Specific brands and models of machines, needles, pigments and other consumables provided to artists each quarter, as well as their features and advantages

Additional sponsorship

If artists participate in other exhibitions, we will provide additional sponsorship support, including financial, material and other help.


We will promote artists through social media, official websites and other channels, such as publishing exclusive interviews, displaying works, etc.

Sponsor Material List

Biomaser Biomaser
Permanent makeup machine / Tattoo machine

At least 1pcs every year.If collaborate very well, every newmachine we launched will be sponsored

Biomaser Biomaser
Permanent makeup Cartridge Needles tattoo cartridgesneedles

First batch 5 boxesThen 20 boxes every three monthswe will send you available size list, youcan choose size.

Biomaser Biomaser
Artist Poster

At least 1pcs every year.Desige banner for you with our clotles / cap and your work photos.If collaborate very well, every new machine we launched will be sponsored.

Biomaser Biomaser
Clothes: Tattoo (T-shirt) Permanent makeup (apron)

Please let us know your size

Biomaser Biomaser
Biomaser HatBlack & White color

Average size

Biomaser Biomaser
Biomaser handbag

Average size

Biomaser Biomaser
Biomaser Tablecloth

when you go to tattoo convention, pleasetake it.

Biomaser Biomaser
Biomaser roll up banaer

Biomaser product roll up banaer

BIOMASER Pro Team Artist Work Content

  • Recognize ,cooperate and support BIOMASER brand products promotion concept.Professional pmu/tattoo artists having own social media account with more than 5,000 fans.
  • Please add Sponsors and @biomaserofficial @thunderlordpowerofficial @bmxpmuofficial
  • While posting in FB and INS, please tage @biomaserfactory/ and @biomaserofficial
    #biomaserpermanentmakeup #biomasertattoosupply #biomaserwirelesspen #biomasermachine
  • When you go to the permanent makeup or tattoo convention, please bring BIOMASER sponsored banner to raise our popularity. take some and videos of the convention, share with us and post on social media
  • Help your locally BIOMASER Distributor to promote BIOMASER, recommend BIOMASER to other tattoo artists


When you received sponsor marterial

  • Take some nice pictures or video when you receive sponsor marterial. Share with us and post on social media
  • Take some pictures or video when you participate in professional exhibitions. Share with us and post on social media(4 times each month). more videos with more sponsor material
  • Take some pictures of your tattoo works which done by our sponsor marterial. Share with us and post on social media. 4 time each month, more videos with more sponsor material
  • If you are free, please help us to take an product introduction video one time each month

We take pride in our role of providing tattoo and PMU artists with the tools they need to simplify their creative process. By collaborating closely with a handpicked community of skilled artists, we aim to bring meaningful innovation to the market. Through our program, we invite you to become a part of this journey, where together, we can propel our industry toward greater heights. Join us today and let's shape the future of our field in unison!


We have prepared detailed answers to common questions you may encounter during the application process. Our customer service team is ready to provide professional assistance and support whenever you need it.

Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8:30pm.Average answer time: 24h