0411U-0.18mm U FLAT BMX Screw SMP Permanent Makeup Cartridge Needles for BMX Permanent makeup Machine 10PCS

Sale price$11.99
Material: metal
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Sale price$11.99

Cartridges Needles Color absorbing display

Cartridges Needles Stainless Steel Tip

  • Cartridges 100% E.O Gas Sterilized, provide sterilization report
  • Lot number, EXP date, and MFD date marked on the package
  • Needles made of 316 medical-grade stainless steel. 
  • Backflow cartridge needles with membrane prevent the pigment from flowing back, Clean and hygienic
  • Excellent stability, less vibration.
  • Individually packaged. Disposable for safety.
  • It only match our BMX permanent makeup machine.

Quality You Can Trust

Comfortable pen holding

Medical Grade Plastic

Stainless steel tip

Customize Silicone Cover

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Cartridges Needles Stainless Steel Tip

  • Fast Rebound
  • E.O Gas Sterilized
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Multiple needle types, Efficient matching

Matching operation

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All in one cartridges needles

  • not ink jet
  • ineated spring
  • fast coloring
  • integration design
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for artist

Top of the line needle technology

Great quality

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Countless advantages

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  • Disposable
  • Individually sterile package


Please consult if you have any questions

Customer Reviews

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Lisa B
These needles have worked very well for me.

No problems with them.