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Permanent Makeup Tattoo Ink Finger Ring100PCS

Size: S 12MM
High-quality materials: 
  • The permanent makeup finger ring is made of firm and durable plastic without peculiar smell.
  • If the skin of your client is sensitive for it,  use some alcohol to wipe it before using.

Adjustable size: 
  • Diameter of the glue holder ring is adjustable to perfect fit for your fingers.
  • Don't need to worry about that the ink or glue will spill out.

Usage widely: 
  • The permanent makeup/tattoo ink ring is used as a cup for pigment, ink, holding glue, remover and lash primer in application of eyelash extensions and permanent makeup procedure.

Easy to deal with after use: 
  • This permanent makeup finger ring is a disposable product, clean and hygienic.
  • The single product has a low price and is suitable for use in beauty salons.

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