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3D practice skin permanent makeup Tattoo Class A silicone

Skin Style: 3D Practice Skin


  • Material: This fake skin tattoo is made of high-quality silicone material.
  • Feel: The fake silicone practice skin is soft to the touch. Looks feel and stretches just like real skin
  • Texture: There is a certain thickness and weight of the silicone practice skin which make the texture good.
  • Using: Stains on the 3D practice skin surface are easy to wipe off. It brings convenience to the operation
  • Packaging: Each 3D practice skin is individually packaged, clean, and hygienic.



  • size:19.2cm*14.2cm*1.0cm
  • materials: silicone

  • The 3D practice skin can be used for permanent makeup practice of eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.
  • The 3D arc is closer to the arc of a real person's face, which provides a good practice for subsequent permanent makeup practical operations.
  • Refer to the tutorial video on youtube, it can help you practice at home.

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