Thunderlordpower U8 Wireless tattoo Machine Pen Frequency Adjustable

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Sale price$249.00


Wireless tattoo Machine Pen Frequency Adjustable


Using the latest advances in wireless technology and optional stroke adjustment technology, it provides artists with four models of the most advanced mobility and control, making tattooing so simple. Starting at a lower operating voltage of 3V, adjustable travel options give you the power to work with a variety of techniques on different skin textures. Equipped with two battery heads, you can fully enjoy your work without worries. With a smaller body, you can get a better feel and make your operations more comfortable.Standard single battery with RCA, allowing you to have a wider range of applications


Thunderlordpower U8

Input voltage


Output frequency

36 - 198Hz

Output power



120.7*33mm / 172g

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Wireless Freedom, Torque Freedom

Color screen tattoo pen art of choice

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Changeable Wireless or Wired

  • You can plug in the wire and become a "stable master" in the wired mode, accurately outlining every line for you.
  • You can also get rid of the bondage of wires and transform into a "free genie" in wireless mode, so that you can be more arbitrary in the creative process and show unlimited creativity and personality.
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Torque Freedom

  • 3 modes of force can be switch at same frequency
  • Frequency can be adjust at same force
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High capacity of battery

2000mAh Battery Capacity

Capacity of 2000 mAh enables artists to work for a long duration of 4-6 hours. When the battery has run down, the RCA connector can be replaced.

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Regulating moment

Unlock a new realm of wireless color screens

Video presentation

Mode Adjustment, Torque Freedom

Recommended by Professional Cosmetologists


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