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Biomaser P70 Set includes Needle Pigment Pen and Power Supply

Pen+Power Supply: 9871 BLK+Black Power Supply
Needle: 1 BOX: 1R-0.18
Pigment: 508 BLACK COFFEE
  • If you need power supplies and pens in other colors, please click shop
  • If you need other types of needles, please click shop
  • If you need other color pigments, please click shop
  • P70 mini portable power: small size/lightweight/Aluminum CNC Body/LED screen display/Touch button control/4 modes function for eyebrow, eyeliner, lip, Hairstroke, Areola

Biomaser Permanent Makeup Machine

  • Biomaser Digital PMU Machine Handpiece E003/9871/E008 CNC Aluminum Body--Comfortable Hand Feeling
  • 12V Swiss Coreless Motor-Quite Operation No Hot
  • Patent In-line Structure--Easy & Steady Installation
  • Precise Adjustment of Needle Length
  • Suitable to All Biomaser Cartridge Needle

Biomaser Cartridge Needles

  • Brow:1R to create the front pixelation and along the edges+3RS/5RS to add shading to the body of the brow.
  • Eyeliner: 1R for the edges and the wing +3RL/5RS/7F to fill the lash line.
  • Lips: 1R to create the outline+3RS/5RS /11U to fill the inside.
  • Areola: 1R and 3RL to create the details such as wrinkles and Montgomery Glands+3RS/5RS for the inside and soft edges.
  • Hairstroke: 1R to create fine hair strokes +5RS to add shading behind the hair strokes.

Biomaser Permanent Makeup Pigment

  • 100% pure plant material: food-grade safety                       
  • 906 Rose Pink:  for lips, can be used alone, customers with darker skin tones can add orange tones to adjust
  • 941 Bright Red: can be used alone;                            
  • 508 Black Coffee; for eyebrow microblading, good for white people to do eyeliner;
  • 509 Brown Coffee: for eyebrow microblading&powdering


  • 1pc Permanent makeup handpiece
  • 1pc Mini power supply
  • 1pc Worldwide adaptor
  • 1pc Connect cord with speed controller
  • 1pc Black leather box or black gift box
  • 1 box needle
  • 1 box pigment

Customer Reviews

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Very happy with my purchase!

Love it!

Love it!Love it!Love it!

Ika Codina
Light weight

Light weight powerful pen

Best PMU machine!

This machine is awesome. DHL is so fast! Love Biomaser!

So nice!

Excellent value for money! One set has everything I need!!!! ONLY $259! Shipping by DHL. very fast.

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