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Digital Tattoo Power Supply ThunderlordPower X3

a. Ergonomic, easy to operate
b. 2 input ports allow you to connect two different tattoo machines, perfect for artists that use multiple devices
c. Footswitch compatible
d. 3–12 Voltage Output, depends on type of needle usedModel: Thunderlord X3

Input voltage range: 90-240V
Input voltage frequency: 50-60HZ
Output power range:0.3w-36w
Output voltage range:3-12V adjustable output voltage accuracy ±0.1v
Output current:0-2A accuracy ±0.1A,with overload protection functions for current output
Duty ratio of output ripple: Accuracy ±1%
Operating ambient temperature:5℃-40℃
Operating ambient humidity:30%-75%
Operating ambient air pressure:900-1060HPA


Power supply *1
Adapter *1
Connect cord *1


1. Press and hold the side round button for 3 seconds to turn on the power supply 
2. Press and hold the center small button for 3 seconds to switch output mode
2 Power Output Modes
1-1 Mode: It can connect with 2 tattoo machines (1 working, 1 standby) Press the bug knob as the switch. 
1-0  Mode: It can connect with 1 tattoo machine and one footpedal

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