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Digital Wireless Kits Tattoo Power Supply Tattoo Machine DC004

Color: black

RCA is suitable for tattoo machine
DC3.5MM is suitable for permanent makeup machine 

  • Input voltage: DC5V
  • Output voltage:4.5V-12V
  • Battery type: lithium-ion cell
  • Battery capacity:1500MA
  • Charging time:5 hours(different chargers different charging times)
  • Working time: normal use for 4-6 hours. Power conversion rate ≥75%
  • Net weight:52g
  • Volume: 72.5*30*33.5
  • Note: No using charger higher than 5V


  • Full charge for first use
  • Press the five-way switch in the middle: Long press ON/OFF, short press pause/start
  • The top and bottom of the five-way switch are voltage plus and minus(0.5v per voltage adjustment)
  • Press right to display the power percentage, and press left to return the voltage interface
  • If power less than 19%, charging lamp will flash, plug in charger and the lamp stay on
  • 100% full power, full power display light on.

Package include

  • Thunderlordpower cartridges*10pcs
  • Tattoo pen*1
  • Wireless Tattoo Machine Power*1
  • Thunderlordpower  pigment*1
  • Ink cup*10pcs
  • Cover film*1
  • Gloves*1
  • Transfer paper*1
  • Practice skin*1

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