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Digital Wireless Kits Tattoo Power Supply Tattoo Machine DC004

Color: black

RCA is suitable for tattoo machine
DC3.5MM is suitable for permanent makeup machine 

Input voltage: DC5V
Output voltage:4.5V-12V
Battery type: lithium-ion cell
Battery capacity:1500MA
Charging time:5 hours(different chargers different charging times)
Working time: normal use for 4-6 hours. Power conversion rate ≥75%
Net weight:52g
Volume: 72.5*30*33.5
Note: No using charger higher than 5V


1. Full charge for first use
2. Press the five-way switch in the middle: Long press ON/OFF, short press pause/start
3. The top and bottom of the five-way switch are voltage plus and minus(0.5v per voltage adjustment)
4. Press right to display the power percentage, and press left to return the voltage interface
5. If power less than 19%, charging lamp will flash, plug in charger and the lamp stay on
6.100% full power, full power display light on.

Package include:

Thunderlordpower cartridges*10pcs
Tattoo pen*1
Wireless Tattoo Machine Power*1
Thunderlordpower  pigment*1
Ink cup*10pcs
Cover film*1
 Transfer paper*1
Practice skin*1

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