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Eyebrow semi cream Biomaser permanent makeup semi cream pigment 12ml for machine and microblading

Color: 301 BLACK BROWN
  • Biomaser pigment is a 100% pure plant material, that doesn't hurt the skin. the low solubility and stability feature to ensure the pigment's easy color and perfect effect natural and abundant. It is suitable for different countries and different regions of the skin. 
  • Biomaser pigments achieving the medical grade health standard, have been sterilized by Gamma-Ray and tested by VONDER TESTING. Heavy metal content safe, Non-toxic, lead, mercury, and cadmium are all below national standards.
  • Biomaser Pigments are the best organic pigments on the market today. The United States formulations, the United States imports 100% essence of pure plant extracts.
  • All Biomaser pigment comes in 12 ml/bottles and they can be mixed together to produce Sub shades to ensure that is enough for all kinds of skin permanent makeup.
  • The formulation of Biomaser pigment is from the USA
  • Low solubility and high stability
  • easy coloring and long-lasting time.
  • medical grade product
  • Biomaser pigment is 12 ml/bottles

Material: 100% plant materials


application color number
only permanent makeup machine
Both pmu and microblading eyebrow(cream) 301,302,303,304,305,306,307,308,309,
For lips(liquid) 905,906,939,940,949,950,951,952,953
For correction 511,512,312,167,196,108,179
For eyeliners(liquid) 479
  • 301: for eyebrow lines, brow with very light green
  • 302: for shallow, as a base color, for ombre eyebrow
  • 303: basic eyebrow color, for lines, yellow coffee, It can be used directly without mixing other pigments
  • 304: for eyebrow lines, suitable for dark skin
  • 305: dark coffee
  • 306: Suitable for being the base color as an ombre eyebrow. Suitable for yellow skin people.
  • 307: basic color. for eyebrow. yellow with a little brow
  • 308: for mixing
  • 309: yellow coffee, suitable as a base color
  • 310:light grey color stays, the natural eyebrow color
  • 311:for oily skin, add 25% 511, to prevent the eyebrow turn into red
  • 313:apply to sparse eyebrows,3D eyebrow: firstly use 313 for mist base, then use 310 for liner
  • 314:apply to the middle or the tail of the eyebrow
  • 504:for head of the brow
  • 505: for the end of the brow
  • 514: for the head of the brow
  • 515: for the end of the brow

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