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Microblading Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Tattoo Pen


  • The microblading pen is 3 in 1 eyebrow tattoo pen with 3 kinds of needled flexible blades-Head Cross Head (for round needles, the row pins needles ); Sharp Round Head ( for single needles);5MM Screw Head (for fog light Needles )
  • Fit round 3pins-19 pins Needles
  • All eyebrow tattoo pens are sterilized before shipment.
  •  It is a manual eyebrow permanent makeup pen.
  • The microblading pen can be used for permanent lip procedures matched with 3R & 5R needles and 14 pins, 18 pins, and 15 pins needles.
  • The maximum width of the blade holder is 0.5cm which could meet the need of blades of any brand.
  • The eyebrow tattoo pen needs to be used with paste pigments 
  • Simple and beautiful packaging

  • Specification

    • Size: 140x8mm
    • Material: stainless steel
    • Weight:40g


    • 5 pieces 15 pins needled (double rows)
    • 5 pieces 18-pin microblading needles
    • One piece ombre brows needle 
    • 8 pieces disposable finger cots
    The tattoo kit does not include pigment

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