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Tattoo Power Supply ThunderlordPower TPN026

Input Voltage Range: AC90-240V,DC 12V
Input Voltage Frequency:50-60HZ
Output Power Range: 0.3W-24W
Output Voltage Range: 2-12V. Adjustable
Output Voltage Accuracy: ± 5%
Output Current: 0-2A. ± 0.1V
with overload protection functions for current output
Duty Ratio of Output Ripple: Accuracy ± 1%
Operating Ambient Temperature: -10˚C – 40 ˚C
Operating Ambient Humidity: 5% - 95%
Operating Ambient Air Pressure: 900-1060 HPA
Net Weight: 90g
Size: Dia 75* H.45mm


1. Turn on/off the power: insert DC adapter, press the knob 3̕s then turn on the power to start. On the contrary, press 3̕s and
then turn off the power
2. Output voltage adjustment: the knob clockwise to increase the set voltage, counter clockwise rotation is to reduce the set
voltage. The rotation adjustment voltage accuracy is 0.1V
3. Foot pedal mode:
(1) connect the foot pedal to control the power as normal
(2) press the knob lightly to control the power without foot pedal.

When you receive this power supply, should press the button 3-5 seconds to light on it.
This tattoo power supply has a maximum output voltage of 16V and a 3A current with protection against overvoltage and short circuiting.
This tattoo power supply include an OLED screen with an optimal display and an easy-to-operate control dial.
Compatible with all RCA cords, clip cords and DC cords
The tattoo power supply is advantageous for its switch-mode technology, allowing for the efficient conversion of electrical energy, and the convenient adjustment of output voltage

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