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Thunderlord power tattoo power supply TPN030P

Input Voltage Range: AC90-240V, Input
Voltage Frequency:50-60HZ
Output Power Range: 0.3W-24W
Output Voltage Range: 2-12V. Adjustable
Output Voltage Accuracy: ± 5%
Output Current: 0-2A. ± 0.1V
with overload protection functions for the current output
Duty Ratio of Output Ripple: Accuracy ± 1%
Operating Ambient Temperature: -10˚C – 40 ˚C
Operating Ambient Humidity: 5% - 95%
Operating Ambient Air Pressure: 900-1060 HPA


1. Output voltage adjustment: the knob clockwise to increase the set voltage, counter
clockwise rotation is to reduce the set voltage. The rotation adjustment voltage
accuracy is 0.1V
2. Foot pedal mode:
(1) connect the foot pedal to control the power as normal
(2)press the knob lightly to control the power without foot pedal.


Input:AC100-240V 50-60Hz Size:100.5*83*32.4mm
Out Put: 3-12V 2A Color:Black&Gray
Power:24W Material:Aluminium alloy&Plastic

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