Thunderlord Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine Copier Printer Thermal Tattoo Kit Copier Printer With 20pcs Free Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper

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Style: Tattoo Stencil Printer with 20 Tattoo Transfer Papers

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Best quality!!!- research stencil paper needed

This is a tattoo artist’s best friend. I really like this brand. I watched one YouTube video and voliá!! So easy to do. I do recommend trying different brands of THERMAL paper. Some typical stencil papers don’t work as well even when it is on the deepest transfer setting. Other than that, I highly recommend.

Cody R.
Was very Hesitant

was extremely hesitant buying this as it was cheaper & never used one. Read alot of bad reviews & still gave it a shot, By far one of the best purchases I've made ! It was easy to use, the actual printing of the machine was accurate, fast & extremly quiet!!! I love this thing, no more shakey lines & half faded stencil! Took seconds to print off an entire sheet that normally takes me an hour or more! Get one, it'll be one of your favorite purchases I promise 💯


This is a total life saver for making my stencils. I was creating them by hand before so this cuts things in half. I will say, references that are dark will cause the stencil paper to jam so beware of that. Also, if it is too light, it will not print.