How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Tattoo Color

How to Choose the Right Eyebrow Tattoo Color

Eyebrow tattoos are the newest way to define your arches for a polished, put-together look. But with so many shades to choose from, how do you find the one that complements your complexion and enhances your features? Read on for tips to select the ideal eyebrow tint customized to you.

Find Your Flattering Undertone

Your skin's undertone is the key to finding an eyebrow tattoo color that complements your complexion. Determining if you have cool, warm, or neutral undertones guides you to shades that enhance your natural beauty. Read on for tips on choosing brow colors tailored to your skin.

  • Cool Undertones: Fair skin that sunburns easily often has pink, red, or blue hints. Play up your bright, crystalline undertones with icy brow colors like ash brown, frosted taupe, and sandy blonde. For raven-haired beauties, a frosty slate gray brow adds striking contrast. Pale complexions should try a sandy brown with a subtle gray undertone.
  • Warm Undertones: Skin that leans yellow, olive, or golden glow under warm brown shades. Chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut brunette brows bring out golden undertones. For jet-black hair, an espresso-brown arch adds depth. Those with tawny skin shine with spicy ginger and cinnamon browns.
  • Neutral Undertones: With both warm and cool traits, you've got options! Test shades on both ends of the spectrum. From frosty grays to rich chocolate browns, find an unexpected match. Cafe au lait skin harmonizes with a warm taupe brow. For neutral medium complexions, surprise with an icy platinum blonde arch!

Finding your most flattering undertone-based shade results in eyebrow tattoos with natural, complementary colors. Consult a makeup artist to test cool, warm, and neutral brow tints on your skin. Determine which tones make you glow for customized colors.

Match Your Locks for Seamless Style

Choosing an eyebrow tattoo hue synchronized with your hair color creates a cohesive style from head to toe. Tailor your brow tint to blend or contrast perfectly with your tresses.

  • Fair Locks: Platinum and strawberry blondes alongside rosy redheads rejoice! Soft, natural browns and blondes tailored to your skin tone prevent clashing. Try a warm cinnamon or vanilla blonde to match your mane. For an eye-opening contrast on scarlet tresses, go for an icy champagne arch.
  • Dark Locks: Brunettes and ravens go bold with your brow hue. Deeper espresso, chocolate, and ebony browns play up your trademark locks. Raven-haired beauties can complement slate gray arches for striking definition. For warm chestnut brown hair, try a coordinating hazelnut brow.
  • Rainbow Locks: If you dye your hair fashion colors, match your current color so your brows don't reveal your original hue! Coordinate for seamless style. Green hair pairs perfectly with mossy forest or mint green brows.

Syncing your eyebrow tattoo color with your hair results in polished cohesion. Consult your stylist to determine brow shades that work best with your tresses. Make eyebrows the perfect frame for your hair's unique palette.

Play Up Your Eye Color with Brow Tint

Your eye color is a key factor when selecting an eyebrow tattoo hue. Choose a shade that makes your eye color pop for maximum impact.

Warm Eye Colors

For brown, hazel, and amber eyes that lean warm, go for brow colors with golden, reddish, or chocolate undertones. Warm brown and caramel brow tints make these fiery eye colors blaze. Darker warm shades like espresso are stunning, with light brown eyes to create contrast. For a bright pop of color, try an auburn brow tint on greenish-brown eyes.

Cool Eye Colors

Icy blue, steel gray, and forest green eyes are cool in tone and look ravishing, framed with equally cool eyebrow shades. Ashy gray, taupe, and brown eyebrow tints flatter these icy hues. To make light blue eyes sparkle, try an icy platinum blonde brow tint for contrast. For pale green eyes, a charcoal gray brow shade creates a striking definition. Deep emerald greens dazzle against chocolate and chestnut brown shades with subtle cool undertones.

Neutral Eye Colors

For eye colors that are neither warm nor cool, like hazel switching between green and brown, you've got flexibility. Try both warm and cool brow tints to see which flatters your eye color most. Go gradual - a warm chocolate brown will likely suit tawny hazel eyes. But test out an ashier taupe hue to see if you like the effect. Having fun with different brow tints shows off the complexity of your neutral eye color.

The perfect brow color framing the ideal eye color is a winning combination. Work with your makeup artist to try various tints so your eyes captivate.

Caring for Your Brow Tattoo

Getting the perfect eyebrow tattoo color is step one - maintaining it is vital for flawless arches. Proper aftercare and strategic touch-ups keep your brow tint vibrant.

  • Aftercare Do's: Follow your artist's instructions to care for your new tattoo. Use gentle cleansers and avoid abrasive scrubbing. Apply ointments as directed to aid healing and moisturize. Protect fresh tattoos from sun exposure which can fade the color.
  • Schedule Touch-Ups: As your eyebrow tattoo naturally fades over 1-2 years, biannual or annual touch-ups restore color. Your artist can also adjust the shade if desired. Stay consistent with touch-ups for lasting results.
  • Limit Lightening: Avoid over-bleaching or aggressively lightening your brow tattoo, which can cause patchiness. Aim for gradual lightening over time for a natural look. Consult your artist before attempting lightening.

With careful maintenance and color refreshing, your customized eyebrow tattoo will frame your features flawlessly for years to come.

Choosing Your Signature Brow Tint

Defining and enhancing your arches with a customized eyebrow tattoo allows you to put your best face forward. By determining your undertones, complementing your hair and eye color, and consulting an artist, you can achieve a beautifully shaped, natural-looking definition.

While trends come and go, your customized brow tattoo lasts for years with proper upkeep. Frame your face with eyebrow ink that brings out your one-of-a-kind beauty. With strategic color selection and artistry, you're sure to achieve brows that wow.

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